Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sirius System

I just can't think "Sirius System" without thinking Sirius Cybernetics - but I guess that dates me. Most folks probably think satellite radio, but I just hear:

"Come on," he droned, "I've been ordered to take you down to the bridge. Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to take you down to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction? 'Cos I don't."
Go here for more awesome quotes from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

However, what the Sirius System is actually is "a series of mandrels, stainless steel inserts, and findings that allow you to make a multitude of jewelry by changing out the bead."

In other words - this works like the drawer-pull inserts - except - you have a nice smooth mandrel, and the inserts are much smaller. Jewelry sized, as a matter of fact.

Here you see the mandrels.  

 A close up of the end with the threads.
 And the threads, with the insert in place, and some bead release, in case you get sloppy with the glass and get it on the mandrel.

It's a little different making on the insert - because it is like working on the end of a mandrel, and whatever  you are making can get hot and flop around, without the mandrel inside it to stop that.

However - when this happens - just take the glass out of the flame and let it cool until you have it back under control.

TIP - Important Tip. The insert will loosen when it gets hot, and as you apply glass, it is easy to accidentally unscrew the insert from the mandrel. To prevent this, crank it on with a pair of pliers, don't just finger tighten it. If you tighten it good and hard, it will stay in place much better.

After heating and cooling, your bead unscrews easily.

Here's a couple of samples.

 And here they are, with the findings screwed into the insert. This is a nice, plain bail.
 This is a larger, fancier bail - well - it was labeled "bail" - I would have taken it for a ring actually.
Of course - as you don't have to clean out the bead after, you have a savings of time and frustration in making these.

I really like this - it seems to work well, and I started out with a goodly stash of inserts and mandrels. (I just hate having "one" specialty mandrel - like I'm going to make one of anything!)

I've made a number of things on these now, and I'm really enjoying using them!


  1. Anonymous10:44 a.m.

    This looks interesting....who carries this system? Love your focals!

  2. The "Sirius System" is a link to the manufacturer - McDuck Creations.


  3. Anonymous4:02 p.m.

    Duhh- I thought I looked everywhere for the link!!! Thanks