Monday, November 14, 2011

Reichenbach 104 L 3206: Iris Dense Blue

Another 104 CoE colour from Reichenbach - this is Iris Dense Blue. It is a dark, opaque blue rod - the ones I got are super skinny - not sure if that is typical or just normal variability.

You can see that it goes quite a bit darker. When I was working this glass - it looked like a nice streaky blue, but appeared to strike to a dark green in the flame.
This is a self-coloured spacer. You can still see a little of the streakiness, but it was much more dramatic when it was hot.
This is actually over a clear base, although you would never know. When they say "Dense" - they really mean it!

This is dots of Iris Dense Blue on white. You can see that the white has fumed significantly - telling us that this glass has a significant silver content. There has also been some bleeding and some separating - so it looks like this glass has some potential for some interesting effects.
I should have tried reducing it. Interesting - interesting possibilities.

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