Wednesday, January 22, 2020

CiM 828 Porpoise

CiM 828 Porpoise. This is an almost neutral grey, with that ability to look different, depending on the surrounding colors. With black, it looks pure grey, but takes on a bluish or greenish tone if next to those colours. It's a nice colour to work, and it really does make me think of porpoises and dolphins

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Effetre 279 Marmo Viola

A rather pleasant shade of streaky lavender. I expected it to come out more grey than it did, and if you put it next to a really bright, saturated colour it will tend to look Gray . But it's not really a neutral it really is a streaky faded French lavender colour. Very pretty

 #lampwork #softglass #effetre #moretti #colortesting 

Monday, January 06, 2020

Eff210 Comparison

Comparing Eff210H and Eff210 Avocado. The "H" means handpulled (vs machine pulled) - you will notice some variations in the thickness of the rods. But  I'm not seeing any significant variation in the colours, between the hand-pulled oh, and the Machine pulled. Avocado, itself, could be called the colour of sludge. Or mud. However, if you get over it not being a very pretty colour, It is a very useful colour if you doing Organics or you need a neutral background, or you are doing something sculptural. Makes good horses and elephants. It's also good to know that you get interesting colours when you cool it rapidly, like mashing or using a press. note the leaves. 👍👍👍😁

H on the left, machine pulled on the right.

#dragonjools #softglass  #effetre #moretti #italianglass #lampwork      #flamework 

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Eff419-O Comparison

I have two batches of Eff419-O apricot orange here. I can't remember which one is older. The -O, top bunch, are the rougher textured rods, and they came out quite streaky and creamy, kind of a creamsicle effect. The -OO, bottom, is a richer, more saturated color, some variations in color with heat, but overall, a more consistent color.  Both are really nice, just different from each other.

#dragonjools #softglass  #effetre #moretti #italianglass #lampwork      #flamework