Thursday, October 20, 2011

More on Reichenbach104 L 6206: Multi Dark

As promised, more on the Reichenbach Multi - Dark. Haven't tried the light yet.

This was a Transparent, Dark Amethyst Base, Dots of Multi Dark - and marvered, and kilned. It looked like it was blues and greens when I put it in the kiln, and it has come out with some pretty spectacular blues. Unfortunately - because I marvered it and put it directly in the kiln, it is not fire polished - and I really hate beads that are not fire polished.

I spent a LOT of time on this one, and for not very spectacular results - compared to the amount of time spent. This is a base of clear, dots of Multi Dark. Then I plunged in the center of them, and encased, and then I hated the shape, so I heated it and drooped it down into a cone, built it up, screwed around, added a twisty at the big end - that really doesn't go with anything else, ran out of mandrel to really fix the shape, struggled with the end, yada yada yada. It was really brown when I put it in to the kiln, so the reds and purples are a pleasant surprise, and sort of underwater anenome cup shapes that the dots developed is sort of interesting. The whole is definitely less than the sum of the parts, however.

Multi Dark on EDP. Kinda cool. In an ugly sort of way.

I really like the colours on the marvered and not fire polished bead. Wonder if I can get away with a little firepolishing.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lampworker's Get Together

Anyone is welcome! Forwarding this on behalf of Catherine "Sailorgirl" Winter

Subject: Re: [torontolampworkers] Next Lampworker's Get Together

Hey all!

Time to get together and talk glass. Wednesday evening, October 19 at my studio.
535A Danforth Ave. 2nd floor. If you're coming by subway I am between Chester and Pape
stations. Any time after 5:30. We'll go for dinner at 7:30 then back for more chats and desserts.
Sweet contributions are welcome as is the beverage of your choice.

For those of us who took the Leah Fairbanks class bring what you've made so far. Show and tell
is so much fun!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Catherine Winter
Sailorgirl Jewelry

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reichenbach104 L 6206: Multi Dark

Another from the Reichenbach 104 COE line up. I've been told that the 96 COE Reichenbach Multi Dark is much more reactive, but so far - I'm not seeing that result. I am getting some very striking colours - and I mean that in the sense of dramatic, not "our" sense of the word striking.

This bead is a base of Multi Dark 104, heat the glass to clear hot, heating low in the flame. Make bead and shape. Encase in clear. Mash. Firepolish it. It was very dark going in.

Other side of the same bead.

This was also a base bead, superheated to clear, and encased.

This one was just worked normally - a little on the cool side, and then encased.

This one was reduced, and then encased.

This one is the 96 COE Reichenbach Multi Dark.

Here they are side by side - the top one is the 104, the bottom is the 96 COE. Pretty similar, really.

More results to come.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Beads from Leah Fairbanks class

When I take a class, I take a few things with me. I take my favourite tools, my magnifiers, and absolutely NO expectations about making anything in the class that I want to show off. It just gets in the way of learning.

However, some of the other students wanted to see what everyone else made, and because of annealing and schedules - did not get to see all the beads.

So, here are the beads that I made that are not too hideous, for those that I promised I would post them for. Those of you who did not take the class, feel free to skip the rest of this article. ;-)

Poor little fishy - I forgot to put the pupil on his eye!

This aquarium bead is, well, large. There are many things about this bead that I don't like, but it was a learning experience and sometimes it is a matter of readjusting your perspective. I can see the ways to make it better.
I am proud of this little piece of whimsy - ferns turned into peacocks.

This is the only floral that is not too hideous to show. Me and flowers - just no natural empathy there.
The Singing Mermaid - The Diva of the Deep! Yes - she survived. Yes, she is HUGE. (Someone looked over at me working on her and squealed - "OMIGAWD - you're making a statue!")

It was a great class, lots of fun, learned lots, and more importantly - shifted perspective on a few techniques. Four days torching with no interruptions - that's my idea of a vacation!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fire Lotus Frit

Frit. You know me and frit!

However, this bead, Fire Lotus frit over white, turned out rather well. Nice colours - because the frit is smaller, it makes it easier to get enough heat to make the colours bloom.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

White-Cored Cane: CiM Leaky Pen and CiM Slytherin

Sometimes I will talk about a colour being so dark, or so intense, that it needs to be "diluted." By this, I usually mean that it really only shows it's colour when laid down thin over clear or a light opaque.

It also means that it works well in White-Cored cane. To make white-cored cane, take your colour and encase the end inch of a rod of white (generally, around-the-world encasing), and then punty onto it and pull it out into a fat stringer.

The recent classes that I took with Leah Fairbanks - who uses a LOT of cane and twisties, got me thinking about some of these colours again.

Here we have, from the top, CiM Leaky Pen, the unworked rod, hand-pulled white-cored cane, and on the left, a white bead with the white-cored cane applied and melted in.

From the bottom, we have CiM Slytherin, the cane, and on the right, the bead.

These two nearly black colours have been transformed into a lovely denim and forest colours.