Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vetro 991 Avocado Pastel Marble Odd Lot

This is a light cream/ivory with a dark core, that develops a really nice marbling with hints of blue grey.

 I'm showing you the ends of the cut rods so that if you have it in your stash, unlabeled, you have a fighting chance of id'ing it.

It comes out a lot paler than the rod, but the marbling is a lot of fun.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Vetro 951 Candy Apple Red

What can I say - I have loved this red for a long time.

It is an easy striking, non-livering, dark, transparent red. Plain and simple. I will be sorry when it is all gone. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Effetre 703 Mudslide

Mudslide is one of those colours that is a little variable depending on the heating and cooling and the areas that got the most heat just before you kilned it.

It also plays nicely with Raku frit. ;-)

Is it the colour of a Mudslide? Copyrights notwithstanding - you decide.

 No, I do not drink and torch. ;-)


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Effetre 756 Rogue

Rogue is a bit of a sleeper - what appears to be a straight, ordinary grey - turns out to have streaks of topaz and blue in it ...

 Lotsa frit 'n' stuff going on here too.
 Other side - makes a nice base ...

Definitely more interesting that you would suspect for those grey rods.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vetro 961 Red Carrot Sparkle Odd Lot

Only slightly transparent - this another super intense, juicy orange. With a wider core than the Intense Tangerine.

Can't say that I noticed a sparkle - but I find that you need a much thicker build up for the sparkle to show than I have here. 

It's a super delicious colour tho'!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vetro 939 Intense Tangerine

Vetro 939 - a truly delicious translucent orange. Very nice to work.

 It has a coloured core - so I think it comes out streakier when made into a bead.

 Sure is a juicy, fun colour!
Strongly backlit. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Great Pink and Green (and some purple) Colour Comparison

This was for a project. We were trying to find just exactly the right shade of pink and green. And a little purple.

Some of these colours were very similar, so I thought you would like to see them side by side.

I had a big time constraint - so the photos are just whacked off on my phone in the kitchen with the notes I made as the background, as I pulled the beads - but whatever. The info is there - just not gussied up.

The Greens

The goal - a nice mint green.

Effetre 763 Laurel

 CiM  462 Chrysalis - not translucent once it comes out of the kiln, btw.
 Effetre 265 Pastel Uranium Yellow
 CiM 458 Apple Pie
 CiM 425 Mint Chip
CiM 437 Primavera
 CiM 428 It ain't Easy Being Green
 and all together now ...
 I think the Mint Chip and the Apple Pie nearly indistinguishable.

The Pinks and Purples

CiM 622 Byzantium

Reichenbach 104 L23207 Iris Violet. Reduces - goes metallic brown. Should try a horse bead in this.

CiM 645 Heffalump. Like anyone needs any encouragement to use this lovely colour.

 Old stash Vetro 956 Pink Dark Pastel
Vetro 960 Pink Light Pastel. Personally - I would say that the Dark Pink (above) is lighter than the Light Pink below.

 Effetre 746 Petal Pink.
 Effetre 255 Silver Pink
 A really fleshy colour - the silver pink. Note to self - try for sculptural bead, i.e. goddess bead if looking for a natural colour.

Unlabeled ASK Pink.

 All together now ... The two vetros are pretty similar, and the Silver Pink doesn't even count as pink in this context.

And just for fun - Bullseye. Pink 2010, Green 0112, Purple 0303, Turquoise 0016