Sunday, June 23, 2013

How It's Made: Millefiore Paperweights

How It's Made - a Canadian "reality" show - is one of the best things on television!

Here, they show millefiore paperweights.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CiM 711 & 712: Cookie Dough and Hazelnut Mousse Comparison

Cookie Dough, as I mentioned a few days ago, looks a bit greenish, and Hazelnut Mousse more creamy.

On the left, the Mousse, and on the right side of the bead, the Dough. Here, you can easily see the greenish tone to the Dough.

And with the rods - Dough on the top, Mousse below. The difference is more obvious in the bead than on the rod - which look very similar.

Interesting colours. Definitely warrant more investigation.

Monday, June 17, 2013

CiM 712: Hazelnut Mousse

CiM 712, Hazelnut Mousse, a warm, pale cafe au lait colour - almost an ivory, but a little warmer than the colour (from Effetre) that we have come to know as ivory.

I'm sure this one bears more experimenting with.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

CiM 711: Cookie Dough

CiM 711 Cookie dough - a taupey beige colour, with a hint of green to it.

Two self coloured beads. Just a hint of green. A strange colour - wonder if it is like opal yellow or stone ground. Need to try with silver. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

CiM 521: Eventide

CiM 521 Eventide is a nice, dark, transparent grey. Transparent grey is generally a lovely colour to work with - and this is no exception.

I wish there was a colour that is the colour that transparent grey is when it is hot though, that lovely purple. Now that would be a colour to have!

The two on the left, self-coloured, and the one on the right, over white.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CiM 713: Nutmeg Ltd Run

CiM 713 - Nutmeg - is an opaque peach colour - appears to be similar to Coral - it goes dark grey when hot.

On the left, self coloured bead, on the right, dots of Eff. Light Sky Blue. 

The rod has a bit of shimmer to it, so it looks different colours depending on the angle, so that's why the beads look lighter than the unworked rod in one picture, and darker in the other.

There appears to be a slight reaction between the turquoise dots (right bead) and the Nutmeg (which also happens with Effetre Coral.

Nice warm colour - could work as a skin tone or for dog or horse beads.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

CiM 442: Aloe Juice

CiM 442 - Aloe Juice. And Juicy Aloe is exactly what it looks like. A lovely medium transparent green that is not too yellow - a peridot green if you will. Nice.

On the left, two self coloured spacers. Next, over white. (And an all-white marker bead on the end.)

Very juicy.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Leaf Masher - Finally figured it out.

Here's another tool that I've had kicking around for years - and I finally figured out what to do with it. A shout out goes to Deb M - I'm pretty sure I stole this idea from you - although that's not what I thought at the time! Naturally.

You saw the bell flower bead press flowers? Well - similar idea. Stainless steel wire, ball of hot glass, mash.

Instant leaf!

Some people are making these as headpins, but you know, when I make them, they are more like "as-big-as-my-head pins."

I actually wore one of the flowers and one of the leaves in my hair. Just poked the wire into my updo, and they stayed there all day. Kind of cute, I thought.

 This is the wire I used. I have since experimented and found that the smaller gauges work very well too.