Friday, May 20, 2016

CiM 433 Limelight

CiM Limelight is a very, very pale transparent green, very pale and ethereal. A very fresh green, and light enough to encase with. I'd like to try it over silver foil.

Three self coloured spacers.

And a large barrel shaped hollow. It really should have been more hollow than this - but it's still got an air bubble. 

CiM's site leads me to think that it would etch well too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Note keeping

Really - this blog is about keeping notes for my sake. You get to benefit too. As a great author once said - the reason people write reference books is so that they know where to look stuff up.

I'm behind on posting, but when I can get a few minutes - I can try and catch up.

But how, you ask, do I remember what I did?

Well - here's the secret. I have a notebook at that torch. I make notes after the bead.

I put a coloured marker on the mandrel - so I can confirm positively which bead goes with which notes. Especially critical when the colours are very similar or strike or otherwise look different.

The next day - when the beads come out of the kiln - I shoot a picture of the page with the notes in the notebook and then pictures of the beads. That's why most of my beads are shot on the mandrels, instead of being all cleaned up.

One of the awesome things about digital photography is that it makes it easy to take photographs as a way of recording things you need to remember. So while I have the notebook and the notes, but taking a picture, when I look at the photos - I have the photo of the page from the notebook to remind me. 

So even weeks later, I can figure out what I was doing. 

Simple, really - when you have a process.


BTW - I do this "photo as reminder" all the time. Photos of the scoreboard. Photos of the catalogue. Photos of a business card or a brochure or a bill or a magazine ad or an empty container to remember to buy more whatever. Instruction manual pages.  My phone is full of photos of serial numbers on equipment. ;-)