Thursday, October 31, 2019

random glass of the day

Another mystery glass. Probably another Lauscha. An opaque pink that's just a little on the blue side. It's translucent in the rod, but goes opaque in the kiln, which is a little sad. But it's still a nice colour.🤔☺😀😀😀

Mystery Pink

Today's mystery glass is, I believe, a Lauscha pink. The rods are very fat, and it is a a transparent pink that gets a little bit coppery brownish where it's quite thick. But basically it really is a lovely colour. 🤩🤩🤩

Effetre 263 Mou

Effetre 263 Mou. This is a kind of funky glass that is kind of caramely and maybe has a hint of something in it that makes it devitrify. the end result is that you can get a very interesting shaded, slightly matte finish. it's a very interesting glass. not sure how it makes up into just regular spacers, but I can really see doing something sculptural with this. I have two batches here, an old batch and a new batch, but they're functionally the same. I don't really see any difference. 😉😊😊😊


Monday, October 21, 2019

Random color of the day

Random color of the day. Do you know what this color is?
One of the Effetre opalinos, those much maligned but lovely colors. I think this might be carnelian, but it doesn't appear quite the way I remember it, so I might be wrong. No label, of course! 
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Sunday, October 20, 2019

CiM 623 Cleopatra

CiM 623 Cleopatra. Cleopatra is a super dense, dark purple, best used in applications where you need the colour to really stand up, like twisties and Stringer. With a strong backlight, it's a beautiful colour, but it can wind up looking black if you're not careful. 😉😀😀😀

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

CiM 624 African Violet

not sure what I think of this colour. It's a lovely, soft, blue purple, lavender colour. It leans a little to the grayish end of the spectrum. I think I just expected it to have a little bit more oomph. I think it wants to be layered over other colours. You can see that I had a little bit of trouble with it boiling too, but that's probably just me and my super hot torch.

#dragonjools #softglass #creationismessy #cimglass #cim #lampwork      #flamework 

CiM 121 Garnet

CiM 121 Garnet. Easy striking, nice rich colour,. Quite dark. Needs the light to really make it catch fire.😀😉

#dragonjools #softglass #creationismessy #cimglass #cim #lampwork      #flamework 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

comparison double helix

Double helix comparison. This does not show the colour differences really well, just not enough light. The base colour of the Hyperion light, certainly is a lighter topaz colour. The Phaeton Falls between the Hyperion light and the regular Hyperion. You can see some differences but I can't say if it's just the way you know I've worked a particular piece. The Hyperion seems to have a little bit more purple and rainbow effect in its colours where as the Clio looks more metallic, there might be a bit more colour in the Phaeton too. Sure, if you put them all together, you can pick them apart in terms of differences. But if you've got a big mass of them, and you're trying to figure out how can I substitute this for that, maybe you probably can use Hyperion or the Clio interchangeably. Notwithstanding, of course, whatever else you add to it or do with it or encase or Etc. Did that help? Not in the slightest. :-) 😀😉😉😉🤩

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Double helix Iris

Double helix iris, which looks exactly how you'd expect a glass called Iris to look. It reduces to an amazing rainbow effect, like Carnival Glass. 🤩🤩🤩

The unworked rod is black, but if you get it really thin you can see that it is a magenta-like purple. Reduce it for the rainbow effect, remember to let it cool before you reduce it.

Double Helix Phaeton

Double Helix Phaeton. Ok, not sure I can tell the difference between the Phaeton, the Hyperion and the Clio. 😉

which is not to say that they all aren't amazingly spectacular!!!

Double Helix Hyperion

This is Double Helix Hyperion. Lovely. I do have a hard time telling the end result from Clio, though. 😉😄😄😄

double helix Euros

Double helix Euros, a white rod that strikes to a buttery caramel color ... more striking, more color. The leaf shape, for instance, got less reheating. The warmth and organic look is lovely! 😍😍😍

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

double helix Skylla

I was comparing two shipments, and the rods were two different colours, one being a brown red, and the other being more of a taupe colour. But as far as I can tell, they come out exactly the same. 😀😀

double helix Arke

Double helix Arke, in the rod, it is a beautiful transparent aqua. The fuming from the silver, gives it the greenish tinge in addition to the metallic shine. 😍😍

comparison. double helix hyperion light vs clio

If it seems like I just turned into a posting fool, it's because I finally discovered an app for posting to blogger on my phone that works reasonably well.
I've been posting a lot of my stuff over on Instagram lately, you can find me there as of therealdragonjools. 

Anyway, this app seems to be working pretty well, apart from not giving me the ability to schedule posts, so you are just going to have to put up with them all coming in clumps.

On the left, is double helix Hyperion light, and on the right is Clio. Both of these are reduced.

double helix triton.

This is double helix Triton. It's not like I haven't posted this before, but it's just so gorgeous. Double helix  triton in the rod is a very very dark blue, but you reduce it to get these amazing colours on it.

 I've had some problems with this with my kiln in my studio, with most of the reduction disappearing, but I haven't had that problem when I'm working at the studio at BeadFX. I read a tip about annealing / garaging at a lower temperature. So I turned the garage temperature down to 950, and the post  gaaging to 925F, I left the rest of the cycle the same and I am getting much, much better results. Much happier now.


Made this cute little cabochon last night. It's small for most of the things I do, it's about 25mm. I'd like to find some lampwork oval cabochon mandrel that are 30 by 40 mm. That's one of the standard sizes, for settings and etcetera but I'm not seeing anything out there. Is anybody got any in 30 x 40, or willing to custom make them?

double helix rhea

Gawd, this color is gorgeous. This is double helix's Rhea. Stunning


Eff 428 light red

I've being trying to colour match a specific red lately, and it's been making me crazy. I thought that 4 to 8 would be a good colour match, but it goes a streaky darker red when I work it, that doesn't matter. However it looks awesome when making these.

so yay!