Saturday, June 30, 2018

Val Cox Frit: Purple Rose

Purple Rose - not a new blend by any stretch of the imagination.

Val Cox describes it as:

Beautiful variegation between purple and blue violet. For best results, use an oxygen rich flame and cool slowly.

I, of course, did not read that until after using it, so just used it the way I would use any glass, and it came out pretty fine anyway. 
 There is chunks of blue, which can separate and show a little green in them, ...

 And chunks of purple, which display a colour very similar to the old Effetre EDP at its best, with spackles of blue.
I got the #2 grind - which is fairly large chunks. I really do find that the fine-ness of the size makes a difference in the end look.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Val Cox Frit: Iron Oxide

Here's another fun new frit from Val Cox. Iron Oxide. Val calls it:

Reactive blend, includes second generation raku and rich garnet among others. Heat well and cool, then repeat for color effects, or use normally for different tones.

 I certainly got some interesting colours out of it!

This one was far and away the most exciting.
the other side. I admit to being more excited by blue and purple than the earthier tones.
I have found that the raku family of glass - if you know what I mean - looks really spectacular on a base of opaque grey.

And this one was special because it on clear, but ...
only one side - so the other side is a window onto the clear - or like super thick encasing.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Val Cox Frit: Astarte

Synchronicity - you never hear of anything, and then it's everywhere. I chose this fiery frit from Val Cox called Astarte without really paying too much attention to the name. Then someone handed me an article on archeology regarding a discovery in Spain, and the article mentions the goddess Astarte!

And a fiery frit it is - this will pump the colour of hot embers into your bead. 

And with a bit of a swirl. The base colour here is  CiM 215 Butternut.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Eye Candy - Dragon

Dragon, made on the new Nortel Arrow.

Glass is Double Helix TerraNova