Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CiM 420 Fiddlehead

CiM Fiddlehead - which I don't see at this writing on their page of green, but may well be listed by the time you read this.

Without doing a head to head comparison - this looks very much like Effetre's classic Pea Green.

On the mandrel, on the left, you will see that bead has ivory dots, and there has been a nice reaction with the ivory and the Fiddlehead. 

 Pleasantly streaky and green - a nice, useful, opaque green.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Leafy Eye Candy

Just some swirly, leafy eye candy.

Don't forget, you can mix those ends of rods together. Stick one on another like you were starting a twistie or a filigrana, then get it really hot and mush it together. Then use the gather to make a bead or whathaveyou. Just don't expect the same results twice.  ;-)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Turquoise vs Turquoise

There you go - the holy grail of turquoise - one that doesn't develop that grey metallic lustre. It does lighten a little with heating / cooling cycles.

What is the turquoise on the left? ... I *think* it is from an old stash of Laucha - purchased from Glass Daddy, years ago.While I don't see it there now, I do notice that the site has had a full re-vamp and has entered the age of ecommerce.

While there - I do want to you look at image 6 in the gallery.

There - that is how your glass rods are made. Two guys and a really long space. One of them backs up. If he runs too fast - your rods are thinner. That is why some rods are thicker than others and glass is sold by weight.

Remember that next time you are unhappy with the thickness of a rod of glass.

Anyway - I'm glad to see Glass Daddy back up and alive. I hope they do well!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

CiM 116 Mahogany

CiM classifies this colour in with their "reds", but this is a brown, if every I saw one. And a lovely, swirly milk chocolate it is too.

But the best part of this glass is how it develops a rainbow of shades when abused with rapid heating and cooling.

 Look at that! Isn't that yummy? Orange and yellow tones pop up - making this a versatile "autumn leaf" colour.

I definitely want to play with this some more. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Comparison: CiM Chai vs CiM Primrose

On the top - CiM Primrose, and on the bottom CiM Chai.

The Chai is an earthier colour, and you could call both of them "skin tones" but the Primrose is more suitable for cherubs and whimsical children, and the Chai is more "real."

Although I don't think they are particularly equivalent - I like the Chai better.

Friday, December 19, 2014

CiM 765 Chai

Not a new colour, I reviewed it last in 2008. CiM lists it in with their browns, and certainly - some people are getting a much darker colour with it than I am.

While the rod is a little darker than the last time around, the beads came out pretty similar. '

The leaf - which is cooled rapidly by mashing and then reheated along the edges, has some much more interesting colour variations.  Some interesting possibilities there.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CiM 902 Primrose

CiM Primrose is all kinds of yummy pink-sugar goodness. What a pretty, useful, opaque pink - for those, of course, who like pink.

I did find it a little shocky -  but for a pretty, opaque, pale pink - this is an excellent choice.

Monday, December 15, 2014

CiM 903 Whisper

CiM Whisper is a translucent, moonstone-type glass, that sucks up the light. (Not to be confused with Effetre's Whisper.)

Held up right under a light, it is a pleasant enough warmish light ... non-descript colour. I don't know - paleish pink.

But mostly it just looks scorched to me. Maybe I actually did scorch it. This might be your cup of tea, but sadly - not mine. Oh well - can't like 'em all.

Friday, December 12, 2014

CiM 617 Trapeze

CiM Trapeze is a wonderfully transparent medium lavender - that I get the feeling is supposed to colour shift. It has that colour about it that looks like others that shift, and I see a little tonal variation, but not huge, dramatic shifts. This may say more about my lighting options and the lack of sunlight than about the glass, however.

Like others of it's ilk - other purple-blue "Alexandrite" colour shift glasses - it is dreamy to work. Very clear, tiny bubbles, but no scumming. I wish "clear" was this nice.

 I wandered around the house, looking for different lights to shoot with. You can see a difference between the above and below, but it's hard to say how much of the colour change is a shift, or is a result of the colour of the light.

Anyhoo - it's a nice, magical colour.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hey now - I really like this one. Off mandrel cabochon.

I really like the way this came out. Almost like a poppy. Woohoo!

Monday, December 08, 2014

CiM 114 Hearthrob

And here is yet another "c'mon baby light my fire" red from CiM.

Think Valentine's day for this one, and a super-bright red it is.

Again - it is slightly streaky and transparent in places - although where is has gone opaque, it is really quite opaque. 

 Again, it stays pretty true to the unworked rod colour.
 And again, while this photographs better than the last two reds (Cinnamon Jelly and Poppy) - this is the same degree of colour correction, for comparison.

Friday, December 05, 2014

CiM 117 Cinnamon Jelly

Another red from CiM - this is Cinnamon Jelly. This is another, super bright intense red.

The unworked rod, to my eye, in artificial light, has a slightly livery, brownish tone, but that appears to disappear when worked.

Like some other transparent reds, it strikes to a cloudy red when repeated heated and cooled. You can see here that the barrel or tube bead on the right side, on the mandrel, is quite transparent at the end, where I finished it and then kilned it, without the repeated cooling and heating cycles of the other beads. 

 Again, the above photo seems orangish to me, and this is the color corrected version that more closely matches the actual colour that I see as I sit here and type this.

 Here's a squiggly little buggly-boo, and you can see the translucent/transparent thing going on.
 Pretty juicy, eh?
But wait - there's still more hot red to come!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

CiM 115 Poppy

Continuing with the theme of fiery colours - this is Creation is Messy's Poppy.

This is a super-intense red that appears to be translucent, but is going to read as an opaque in most uses.

The colour stays true to the  coloiur of the unworked rod.

 Reds, especially very intense reds, can be very hard to faithfully photograph. Above is the un-retouched photo, but below, I have darken this image and shifted it a little to the blue end, and come up with red that, on my monitor anyway, more accurately reflect the colour of the glass - it being a very pure red, and not at all as orange as the image above looks to me.

A very nice, vibrant red - but wait - there is more coming!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Comparison CiM Hearthrob, Cinnamon Jelly, and Poppy

So in a head-to-head comparison of these three newest reds - which wins?

Well - when it comes to colour - we all win, but here they are, side by side.

From the front, we have CiM 114 Hearthrob, in the  centre, CiM 117 Cinnamon Jelly, and at the rear of the photo, CiM 115 Poppy.

Despite being very similar,  the Hearthrob is the winner in terms of beautiful, drop-dead red. It may, in fact, be a little on the blue side - more raspberry than strawberry, but for my money - it is the red that I want things to be when I say red.

The Cinnamon Jelly, however, is very, very close, and it's quite possible that if you made a bunch of beads with one or the other, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart.

Under these circumstances, the Poppy looks a little on the orangey side, but it mostly a matter of comparison. Examined by itself, and the Poppy looks like the intense flaming red it is named for.

Again, just for comparison's sake - this is a colour corrected image. You can see the slightly more orangey aspect of the Poppy, but it really is a red.
Choose any one of these if you want a bright red, although Hearthrob would be my favourite.

Except Poppy, with it's translucency, does seem to almost glow ... .