Thursday, February 28, 2013

CiM 414 Oyster Mushroom Ltd Run

Well, CiM calls this "an opaque greenish ivory" - and puts it in with the greens. It is an opaque pale green. Perhaps a little on the greyish side.

From the left, a self-coloured bead, a base of Oyster Mushroom with a stripe of turquoise, and another self-coloured bead.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CiM 710 Seashell Ltd Run

CiM Seashell is a pale creamy colour that could be a slightly pinkish ivory. It is actually very close to my own skin tone - which really says more about how badly I burn in the sun than anything else.

I've been hoping that CiM would make an "ivory" for sometime - and this is the closest yet.

From the left - self-coloured, with turquoise dots, and with EDP dots.

While the turquoise has bled a little, and the EDP has broken up a bit - there is not an extreme level of reaction.

Promising, promising. It would be nice to do some sculptural figures and see how it works out. 

See - flesh coloured. My flesh, anyway.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

CiM 417 Sherbert

CiM Sherbert - Sherbert they called it - and Sherbert it is. A smooth cool, creamy green mint or maybe pistachio colour.

All three beads are self-coloured.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cim 517 Breeze vs 516 Mediterranean

Just so you can see both Breeze and Mediterranean in the same picture - here they are together.

CiM tells me that Mediterranean may not be reproducible - so stock up if you love it. I do!

This is Breeze on the top, and Mediterranean on the bottom. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CiM 516 Mediterranean Ltd Run

CiM Mediterranean - a transparent dark blue-green. This is another beautiful dark teal. It is quite dense - on left are two self coloured beads - the bead on the right is a base of clear, with the left side being Mediterranean and the right side being CiM Breeze. 

When diluted - Mediterranean and Breeze are quite similar, but Mediterranean is quite a bit darker. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

CiM 517 Breeze Ltd Run

 Ah - now we're talking. Breeze is a breezy dark aqua-teal, like a Blue Zircon colour. Very, very yummy. You could just crank out spacers in this and be happy.

It's a bit tough to photograph accurately though!

Breeze reminds me of some of the Bluedini Uniques that I loved so much. I'm gonna buy pounds of this one. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

CiM 610 Dark Velvet

Another really, really dark transparent purple-black.

The bead on the left is self-coloured, the next is over white, the next is over clear.

It is purple when thinned out. Probably best for cored cane and shards. These uber-dark transparents would all work well as shards you know.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CiM 306 Honey Mustard Ltd Run

CiM Honey Mustard is an opaque, pale yellow that immediately reminded me of Effetre's Opal Yellow.

So I right away thought I would test it for the sort of things that opal yellow is good at - and consequently - drew a blank as to what those things are.

The bead on the far left is self-coloured, the middle is with turquoise dots, the third has dots of EDP.

The two beads on the left struck to tan, and the one with the EDP dots was still white when I kilned it - but they all came out the same colour.

There is some interesting breakup around the EDP, much like with Opal Yellow. So this does look like an interesting possibility as a glass similar to Opal Yellow. As I remember - CiM Stone Ground was supposed to be similar to Opal Yellow - but this Honey Mustard might be more on the mark.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CiM 709 Truffle Ltd Run

Truffle - a super-dark grey. The two beads on the left are self-coloured, the one on the right is very thin, over clear. It looks purple when hot, like most transparent greys do, but cooled to a smokey colour.

The far left bead is much more opaque than the centre bead - despite them both being solid colour. I think, as it was the first one made, that it got more heating and cooling cycles, so it could be that this glass goes more opaque as it gets worked. It would be interesting to try it in a sculptural use.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

CiM 415 Dried Sage Ltd Run

 Interestingly  - this is called Dried Sage. When I got it, it didn't have a name yet, and so I noted that it is an "opaque sage green."

So I guess that's definite - this is sage green!

The two beads on the left are self-coloured. You can see the rod is sort of shimmering - but that disappears when you work it.

The bead on the right has white dots (just regular Eff white) and Dried Sage on top. You can see on close examination that the sage is a little streaky, and makes some interesting patterns around the dots - and had bled into the white.

It's a nice, soft green in an earthtone, organic palette.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

CiM 609 Berry Mist Ltd Run

Another dark transparent red-purple - this is Berry Mist.

 The two beads on the left are self-coloured - the next is over white, and the last is over clear.

It looks streaky over the white - but I can't guarantee that is not just my technique.

When hot - this is a beautifule blue tanzanite purple, but cools to a red purple. Too bad it doesn't stay the colour it is when hot!

It's a pretty dark colour - but not so dark that you have to dilute it. Thinned down, it looks kinda pinky. It might be fun to encase an opaque pink with this.