Thursday, February 14, 2013

CiM 306 Honey Mustard Ltd Run

CiM Honey Mustard is an opaque, pale yellow that immediately reminded me of Effetre's Opal Yellow.

So I right away thought I would test it for the sort of things that opal yellow is good at - and consequently - drew a blank as to what those things are.

The bead on the far left is self-coloured, the middle is with turquoise dots, the third has dots of EDP.

The two beads on the left struck to tan, and the one with the EDP dots was still white when I kilned it - but they all came out the same colour.

There is some interesting breakup around the EDP, much like with Opal Yellow. So this does look like an interesting possibility as a glass similar to Opal Yellow. As I remember - CiM Stone Ground was supposed to be similar to Opal Yellow - but this Honey Mustard might be more on the mark.

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