Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cim Clear - 834

This is the CIM clear - the regular batch, not the odd lot (unique) batch. I have to say, I'm quite impressed so far. While not completely bubble free - and to be fair, I did no cleaning or skinning - this is the glass straight from the rod - it's not bad.

Two things did impress me. One is the packaging - it is wrapped in tissue so that none of the rods touch each other. The rest of the CIM glass comes in tissue sleeves - but they do nothing except keep the glass together. This is a full wrap and roll, so that the glass is not rubbing and scratching in transit and storage.

Second thing that impressed me was that I actually manage to encase silver foil and keep it looking silver, without it developing a gold cast.

While I was being very careful - I've not been able to achieve this with other soft 104 COE glasses - even when I try to work cool. Further experimenting is required, but this is kind of exciting!

I have also used in in quite a few beads with a lot of metals, dichro, long working times, etc., and had no problems with cracking or compatibility.

Looks good!