Sunday, December 16, 2012

CiM 205: Tandoori Ltd Run

Ok, I'm totally losing track of all these transparent striking reds. This is a slow-to-strike transparent red. 
This bead went into the kiln without being struck, and, as you can see, it didn't strike in the kiln.
From left to right, self coloured, over clear, and over white.  This colour strikes very slowly, but it doesn't go overly dark. It's a nice bright, happy colour!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

Hey - we've all seen these nifty tools with their fabulous, oh so perfect handles.

Sure, it's a cool tool, but the flames really make it, right?
But last week, when I went to pick mine up - the handle fell off the graphite block. Just slid right out. Not glued in securely enough, I guess. And that's when I found out their dirty little secret.

It's a screwdriver. The fancy flame-decorated handle is just a screwdriver. Stuck into the graphite block.
I'm not sure if I'm impressed with the creativity and thinking outside the box, or if I feel slightly cheated.

Anyway - now you know.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Comparison Effetre Lapis and CiM Blue Suede Shoes

I know I have talked about CiM Blue Suede Shoes before - comparing it to Effetre Lapis.

It is such a drop dead gorgeous colour - how can I not re-visit it?

Here we have the rod ends - on top - Effetre Med Lapis, next is Effetre Light Lapis, and on the bottom, Blue Suede Shoes. In the rod - the Blue Suede Shoes and the Light Lapis are a near perfect match.
Here is the full mandrel. On the far left is Eff. Med Lapis, then 4 self coloured Blue Suede Shoes, and the far right is Eff Light Lapis.
Here is a close up of 3 of the Blue Suede Shoes.
And this is BSS on the left, and Lt Lapis on the right. Once cooled, it is a near perfect match. Oddly though, when hot, it is significantly lighter than the BSS, but when they came out of the kiln - they all matched.
Because the Light Lapis was so much lighter when hot - I grabbed the Med. Lapis (left) to compare as well. When hot, it looks exactly like the BSS, but when back to room temp, the Med. Lapis is a little darker.

It is just such a stunning colour - I can just sit and make spacers in this all day!