Friday, December 26, 2014

Turquoise vs Turquoise

There you go - the holy grail of turquoise - one that doesn't develop that grey metallic lustre. It does lighten a little with heating / cooling cycles.

What is the turquoise on the left? ... I *think* it is from an old stash of Laucha - purchased from Glass Daddy, years ago.While I don't see it there now, I do notice that the site has had a full re-vamp and has entered the age of ecommerce.

While there - I do want to you look at image 6 in the gallery.

There - that is how your glass rods are made. Two guys and a really long space. One of them backs up. If he runs too fast - your rods are thinner. That is why some rods are thicker than others and glass is sold by weight.

Remember that next time you are unhappy with the thickness of a rod of glass.

Anyway - I'm glad to see Glass Daddy back up and alive. I hope they do well!

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