Friday, December 05, 2014

CiM 117 Cinnamon Jelly

Another red from CiM - this is Cinnamon Jelly. This is another, super bright intense red.

The unworked rod, to my eye, in artificial light, has a slightly livery, brownish tone, but that appears to disappear when worked.

Like some other transparent reds, it strikes to a cloudy red when repeated heated and cooled. You can see here that the barrel or tube bead on the right side, on the mandrel, is quite transparent at the end, where I finished it and then kilned it, without the repeated cooling and heating cycles of the other beads. 

 Again, the above photo seems orangish to me, and this is the color corrected version that more closely matches the actual colour that I see as I sit here and type this.

 Here's a squiggly little buggly-boo, and you can see the translucent/transparent thing going on.
 Pretty juicy, eh?
But wait - there's still more hot red to come!

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