Tuesday, December 02, 2014

CiM 115 Poppy

Continuing with the theme of fiery colours - this is Creation is Messy's Poppy.

This is a super-intense red that appears to be translucent, but is going to read as an opaque in most uses.

The colour stays true to the  coloiur of the unworked rod.

 Reds, especially very intense reds, can be very hard to faithfully photograph. Above is the un-retouched photo, but below, I have darken this image and shifted it a little to the blue end, and come up with red that, on my monitor anyway, more accurately reflect the colour of the glass - it being a very pure red, and not at all as orange as the image above looks to me.

A very nice, vibrant red - but wait - there is more coming!

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