Monday, December 01, 2014

Comparison CiM Hearthrob, Cinnamon Jelly, and Poppy

So in a head-to-head comparison of these three newest reds - which wins?

Well - when it comes to colour - we all win, but here they are, side by side.

From the front, we have CiM 114 Hearthrob, in the  centre, CiM 117 Cinnamon Jelly, and at the rear of the photo, CiM 115 Poppy.

Despite being very similar,  the Hearthrob is the winner in terms of beautiful, drop-dead red. It may, in fact, be a little on the blue side - more raspberry than strawberry, but for my money - it is the red that I want things to be when I say red.

The Cinnamon Jelly, however, is very, very close, and it's quite possible that if you made a bunch of beads with one or the other, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart.

Under these circumstances, the Poppy looks a little on the orangey side, but it mostly a matter of comparison. Examined by itself, and the Poppy looks like the intense flaming red it is named for.

Again, just for comparison's sake - this is a colour corrected image. You can see the slightly more orangey aspect of the Poppy, but it really is a red.
Choose any one of these if you want a bright red, although Hearthrob would be my favourite.

Except Poppy, with it's translucency, does seem to almost glow ... .

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