Friday, February 02, 2018

Effetre 755 Woodie

Effetre Woodie - a real sleeper - this one. Woodie looks like an unassuming grey - but watch out - it does some really wonderful things when you work it!

The base and the horse are Woodie. The streaky brown grey that Woodie goes is really lovely in the horse, and gives it a painterly quality.
 The streakiness in the base bead was also attractive, but I rolled it in some frit - a large portion of which was Raku Jitterbug, and the result seems pretty spectacular. I think the Woodie may have enhanced the reactive properties of the frit.

 Here's the horse again. The streakiness really is quite wonderful.

In the rod - Woodie doesn't looke that exciting, but it sometimes really pays to try those boring looking colours!

Update: I wanted to add some images of the rods and the ends of the rods - with all these piles of grey laying around - it is useful to be able to positively ID them.

 From this perspective, you can see why it comes out so streaky.

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