Monday, February 12, 2018

Effetre 723 50 Shades of Grey

 50 Shades of Gray - I reviewed this back in 2013 - and wasn't too much impressed then. I like it better now, but I'm using it differently.

I have to say - it's a pretty interesting glass while it is hot ...
 When you heat it - it goes topazy - warm and caramelly.

 And is wonderfully streaky while working it ...
 but it does settle down and lose that super-streaky desert rock look ...
 And once out of the kiln, it is a slightly streaky, warm grey - mushroom colour. Base and horse is 50 Shades ... there is a little frit on the base, and the mane is ... some brown stringer I had.
 The back - it has retained only a little of it's streakiness.
It's a perfectly good colour for organic animals and stuff.

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