Saturday, October 01, 2011

White-Cored Cane: CiM Leaky Pen and CiM Slytherin

Sometimes I will talk about a colour being so dark, or so intense, that it needs to be "diluted." By this, I usually mean that it really only shows it's colour when laid down thin over clear or a light opaque.

It also means that it works well in White-Cored cane. To make white-cored cane, take your colour and encase the end inch of a rod of white (generally, around-the-world encasing), and then punty onto it and pull it out into a fat stringer.

The recent classes that I took with Leah Fairbanks - who uses a LOT of cane and twisties, got me thinking about some of these colours again.

Here we have, from the top, CiM Leaky Pen, the unworked rod, hand-pulled white-cored cane, and on the left, a white bead with the white-cored cane applied and melted in.

From the bottom, we have CiM Slytherin, the cane, and on the right, the bead.

These two nearly black colours have been transformed into a lovely denim and forest colours.

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