Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Beads from Leah Fairbanks class

When I take a class, I take a few things with me. I take my favourite tools, my magnifiers, and absolutely NO expectations about making anything in the class that I want to show off. It just gets in the way of learning.

However, some of the other students wanted to see what everyone else made, and because of annealing and schedules - did not get to see all the beads.

So, here are the beads that I made that are not too hideous, for those that I promised I would post them for. Those of you who did not take the class, feel free to skip the rest of this article. ;-)

Poor little fishy - I forgot to put the pupil on his eye!

This aquarium bead is, well, large. There are many things about this bead that I don't like, but it was a learning experience and sometimes it is a matter of readjusting your perspective. I can see the ways to make it better.
I am proud of this little piece of whimsy - ferns turned into peacocks.

This is the only floral that is not too hideous to show. Me and flowers - just no natural empathy there.
The Singing Mermaid - The Diva of the Deep! Yes - she survived. Yes, she is HUGE. (Someone looked over at me working on her and squealed - "OMIGAWD - you're making a statue!")

It was a great class, lots of fun, learned lots, and more importantly - shifted perspective on a few techniques. Four days torching with no interruptions - that's my idea of a vacation!

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  1. I'm a newbie lampworker and taking a class with Kimberly Adams in January...I LOVE this line "absolutely NO expectations about making anything in the class that I want to show off". Thanks for that tip...so often I have the "show off" mentality when I take a class, but you have just set me free from that. I just want to learn!!! Thanks!!