Thursday, November 10, 2011

Effetre 737: Golden Toffee

 Well - HERE's an intriguing colour! A rich dark amber in the unworked rod, and goes into the kiln looking like a transparent amber. But - examination of the end of the unworked rod gives you a hint of what is to come ...

Because, pulling the beads out of the kiln is a real - "Whut?" moment - as in, "Where the heck did these come from?" Aha, my friends - this is where taking notes really helps!

Because this is what came out of the kiln!

 Yep - all those transparent beads came out a streaky, opaque ochre colour.

I even did a little zuma bear. Needs more nose. 

 Reducing it gives you a very smokey look, like a smoked wood.

And this bicone - well - I had stopped taking notes and was using up scraps. I believe it was a white base, some Iris orange frit - some trails of black, and some Golden Toffee on top and at the ends.  But pretty cool, eh?

I spent quite a bit of time playing with this glass - it's fun to work - too soft for most sculptural uses - it is soft like an opaque, like white-soft. It's kind of cool where it is over the black, and you can see the black coming through - I guess it is translucent when thin enough. Might be interesting to make shards of this.

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  1. Oh, I love the smoky look after reducing!
    Who would have thought?
    Thanks for sharing :)