Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Effetre 253: Striped Pink Pastel

Another new, dare I say, Novelty glass? This is an opaque pink/purple a little like EDP or Dark Rose over a transparent core that results in a streaky bead. Not quite as dramatically streaky as I would have thought, I admit.

You can see here - the unworked rod is distinctly pinker that the purpley finished beads.
And here, you can see the transparent core - although it does, for all the world, look like a hollow tube. It is not. That would be way cool.
After working - you can see more of the colours, and some devitrification.

Here are two sample beads - both solid colours. The bead on the left - the darker one, I made a point of striking the bead in the flame, and it developed much richer colour.

Here - you can see the darker, struck bead (now on the right) has some devitrification around the bead hole, where  I did not get the surface warm enough to chase away the devitrification.

Pretty enough - I think I expected more drama though.

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