Sunday, November 13, 2011

Effetre 263 Mou

Slotting into number 263 in the Effetre colour palette (between striking Powder Pink and Ivory) in a relationship that I think is probably meaningless - we have 263 - Mou. Frantz Art Glass calls it a "Premium Translucent" with a whack of cautions about "variations of colour and diameter from batch to batch and within batches. With a 1/4 pound limit per customer - this is a "you get what you get and you'll probably never get it again" glass.

The unworked rod appears as a very handsome golden, dark wheat colour - perhaps a little translucent looking - but we are used to glass that looks translucent but works up opaque.

After heating - the end of the rod appears to be more of a clear-to-amber colour.

While hot and working - the glass has an "opaly" quality - a milky translucence. It also appears to devitrify if cooled and gently reheated - causing me to wonder if this was a blend, like Calico - but the ends of the rod don't show that it is made of layers.

These two beads are self-coloured - and quite a handsome colour - amber - with a blush of pink in it - like a berry-cider blend. I chased away most of the devit with reheating to glowing and only a hint of it remains - not visible in this photo. It is, in fact, translucent. Cool.

And these two beads have been reduced - making them a dark bronze - with a metallic lustre. 

So - what I tried looks to be a very intriguing glass -  but with a caveat such as listed above, and a small sales limit - good luck finding out what this glass is really like, or duplicating results! 


  1. Gail DB3:27 p.m.

    Oh yah, this is my colour - love this one. So I went to Nortel and bought all they had, except I had pangs of generousity and left a few rods for another curious person. They only had a little over .5 lb.... Can't wait to play with it.

  2. Anonymous9:17 p.m. has it too, with no limit. I got some from both art glass house and Frantz; the rods from Art Glass House are more opaque-looking, and vary from a caramel color to more of a peachy-pink. The beads pretty much matched the rod color, for me at least.

    The rods from Frantz are much more translucent, as you have showed. It's a beautiful color!

    -Patti (magicfire beads)