Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CiM 503: Mint Lozenge Ltd Run

In the latest colours from Creation is Messy - is an intriguing looking translucent seafoam green.

I always am curious to see if translucent colours will stay that way, or if they will turn opaque,  so I could hardly wait to try this one.

And the answer appears to be ... yes and no!

This pair of self-coloured spacers have retained their translucency, except, on the far right of the rightmost one, where is has started to opacify (is that a word?) - turn opaque.

 It's a little clearer in this view of the side.

This is a thin layer of Mint Lozenge over clear, and it has a nice, nebulous quality to it.

This is Mint Lozenge dots on white (left) and on ivory (right). The dots have sunk in like transparent, making a nice effect.
 And this is done on the Sirius system mandrel -  and here you can see the opacity vs translucent very strongly. 
When making these, I keep the "leading" edge - the smooth edge (bottom - this picture) -warmer, to smooth the ridges together, so this it brought back to glowing several times - vs the trailing edge - which just generally cools and I leave it alone. This accounts, I think, for the opaque vs translucent. 

 Here's another view. I think the way to keep this glass translucent is a little like not letting the EDP devitrify - so bring it back to glowing before it goes into the kiln. That's my theory, anyway.

CiM Mint Lozenge - lovely colour, Sea Foam or Amazonite - definitely a must for me.


  1. Gail DB2:46 p.m.

    Very pretty colour, and a great wave pendant too.

  2. Loooooooove this colour!