Saturday, November 12, 2011

Effetre 039: Dark Violet Transparent

Not sure how I've managed to overlook this colour for so long. This is not a new colour - but it is rather wonderful. This is Transparent Dark Violet, and the rods are so dark - you can easily mistake them for black, unless you hold them up directly to a light.

However, as we now know - a colour that dark just begs to be made into a white cored cane - bottom and right of photo. (Unworked rod - top and left).
On the right - we have a self-coloured spacer. Might as well be black. But on the left, we have Dark Violet over clear - and it is a lovely, tanzanite purple, not a red-purple. I very much prefer the pure purples and blue-purples. You could call it eggplant too.
Dots, on white. Looks like just the barest whisper of a reaction around the edges of the dots.
And this is the white cored cane/stringer - on a white bead. Very nice - the intensity of the purple really holds up.

Love this shade of purple, and this is very intense colour - for those situations where you need intense colour.

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