Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Effetre 687: Streaky Denim

Streaky Denim - Denim seems to be one of the "in" colours these days - to whit - Swarovski's big roll-out of their new colour - Denim Blue.

This particular take on Denim is streaky blue and purple in the unworked rod - but more purple and  blue in the finished bead.

This is the unworked rod.
And this is the rod after heating.
 And the finished, self-coloured beads. Note, some of the purple has taken on that metallic shine like the Effetre 272 and 274 (Violet and New Dark Violet, respectively).

More dramatic results than the Striped Pink - possibly because the streaks run the length of the rod, instead of it being, essentially a cored cane. Not sure how I feel about the metallic hue though.

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