Friday, November 04, 2011

Bead Shaper - Oval Extra Chunky Large

Yeeeeeah! Extra Chunky Large! That's MY kind of bead.

The more I use these bead shapers, the easier they get to use - so I think perhaps I might be getting better at it! What I have found is that using them with a very light touch seems to be key to getting good results quickly and easily, without a lot of struggle and drama.

This large oval shapes aren't  particularly difficult to make without a shaper, but of course, that's not the only point of these. They can make it easier to get consistent results, consistent sizes, etc. They aren't really an end - but a means to an end - more of a jumping off point. For instance, you could shape your bead with one of these, and then mash it, do it over and over, getting a consistent line of bead of the same shape and size, even if you are playing with the colours and patterns - making it much easier to incorporate into your own jewelry. Consistently-sized beads means that you don't have keep hunting up the right-sized bead-cap or guessing how much wire you need. Just a thought - for those of you out there in full production mode for the holiday rush.

Just a light touch will do it. Make a cylinder, make sure it fits inside the cavity, then add more on the middle half of the bead (leaving the ends). Check it for size, then add a little more to the centre. Do your shaping gently - more on the wall of the cavity than on the back (much like a marble mold!).

This bead fills the cavity a little more than the one above, but still was easy to shape. If you go to roll your bead and you get a big ridge on one side - you have too much glass and/or it was too hot. If you get a big valley - you put too much pressure on it.

Not the most spectacular beads, but the shape is fine.

And you can go on to decorate these from here!


  1. Who makes these shapers? I am familiary with CG beadroolers, but not these. Thank you. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Gail DB11:55 a.m.

    Same question for me -- where to get it... and all the shapers you demo. I often cannot find them for sale from the sites I already know. This one would be really useful for getting not only consistant sizes (flattened or not) but also help fix my problem.... after mashing, I often get a flat bead that has slightly more glass on one side, making it a bit lopsided. Want one!

  3. Anonymous9:24 p.m.

    Howaco glass has them too. I highly recommend them!

    -Patti (magic fire beads)