Wednesday, November 02, 2011

CiM 618: Simply Berry

Don't know how I managed to overlook this colour - this is not a new colour - but one of the older ones. Simply Berry is a dark transparent amethyst - with a bit more "oomph" than the Effetre Med. Transparent Purple.

Here we have, Simply Berry on the left, and Eff Med Transp Purple (042) on the right.  In real life - the Simply Berry looks more saturated in colour, and less like "just really dark."
This is a very thin layer of Simply Berry over clear. It holds up well.
Simply Berry, encased. Very nice.
Simply Berry dots on Effetre Periwinkle (220).
And, Simply Berry dots on White.

A nice, intense red-purple - holds up well when used thin.


  1. Lovely color , reminds me of autumm.

  2. I love the CIM purples more then the effetre myself.