Thursday, November 24, 2011

More on Fire Lotus

I continue to play with Fire - Fire Lotus that is! These two dragon eyes have Fire Lotus frit for the pattern on the iris of the eyes, and also Fire Lotus (rod) for the lids.

I think these are working out nicely because the method of working them coincides nicely with how Fire Lotus wants to be worked - which is, get it white hot, let it cool and blush amber, then re-heat. To make the eyelids - I get a big gather very hot, and form the upper eyelid - then leave it alone while I go make the lower lid. Then I go back to shape the ridges in the upper eyelid - the process of which strikes the upper lid. Then the same for the lower lid, and ditto - it strikes the lower lid.


  1. Wow, just beautiful. Love that Fire Lotus.

  2. It's gorgeous! And such a perfect glass for your dragon eyes.

  3. Thanks for explaining how to work Fire Lotus. I have been frustrated because I can't always get those reds even 'tho I think I'm working it consistently. I'll follow your directions tomorrow at the torch. Looks perfect for those hot dragon eyes!