Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bead Shaper - Bicone Indented

Interesting idea - don't think this is a shape that I would have thought of. I see this more as a starting place for designs - the indents, however, suggest a marking point for the start of some rather structured design - maybe with the lot of dots and or stripes. You know - the kind I never make. ;-)

There is a reverse version of this available too - if you think that having raised ridges would be more useful.
I did struggle with this shaper more than the last two, being never very happy with the ends.
The largest of the cavities did seem to be easier for me - but I like a little more meat on the ends of the beads - I just hate it when you go to clean a bead and half of the end falls off!

Still - an interesting concept. And the grooves would certainly lend themselves to wire wrapping ... .

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  1. Gail DB12:02 p.m.

    I would love to see a list of the vendors who sell amazing shapers like the ones you demo. When you have a free moment or two.... :-) OR - did you already do this in some past blog that we can look up?