Thursday, November 17, 2011

CiM 804 Indigo

Ah - Indigo. A very dark, but transparent, blue from Creation is Messy.

Here is another very dark, intense colour that just begs to be used in white-cored cane, twisties, and other ways that need very intensely coloured glasses.

Here you see, from the top, a sample of white-cored cane, the original rod - yeah, might as well be black until you hold it up to the light, and some beads. When you do hold the rod up to a light - it shows more purple - more like violet - than the end result shows.

This is a self-coloured spacer - solid Indigo. You hold it up to the light - you can't see through it. The mark of a good thick wine, or glass.  ;-) 
 Indigo encased over clear.
 Indigo dots on white.
 Indigo/white cored cane squiggled on a white bead. Notice the way it almost looks like writing with an ink pen.
 And the white-cored cane on an ivory bead. The streaky texture of the cane is quite lovely.
Quite a beautiful shade of blue - on white it has that classical blue and white porcelain look. How can you go wrong with blue?

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