Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Val Cox Frit - King's Robe

The working notes for this frit blend say:

Opaque/Transparent. Vibrant and dramatic, mix of purple, pink and violet ... . More fussy than other (blends) - but worth it. The opaque purple is multi-hued, but prone to devitrification, work the glass in a neutral flame and avoid excessive heating and cooling cycles as with marvering.

So - think Purple Rose or EDP.

The first bead was a gather of clear, dip, melt and wind off. It looked really boring going into the kiln, as it appeared almost clear, but came out as more of a black currant punch effect.

These two happy little spacers are just white, rolled in the frit, melted in, and popped directly in the kiln, no additional heating, cooling, etc.

And this is a nice spacer in clear, and same thing, rolled in frit, melted in, and kilned without further ado. While not very remarkable by itself - I think a set of them would make up into a very nice necklace.

And here on the right, we have the King's Robe frit on black, with a bit of swirling going on. A bit dark, but fairly handsome.

And finally, the same idea, but encased. Black base, frit, swirled, encased, mashed, and the encasing grooved for good measure.

Keep this on light colours I think.

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