Saturday, September 19, 2009

CiM 277 Phoenix

Got a new batch of CiM Phoenix in - and the rods look distinctly greyer than the original - but it is not labelled as an "Unique" - CiM - for "odd lot."

(New batch is the bottom pack.)

And you can see that the new batch (on the right in the second pic) has visible layers. (Hey - nice nails, eh? What can I say? - I had a wedding to go to.)

Unusual for CiM to not put a new product number on the colour if it is going to be different.

So I thought I'd try it anyway.

And the verdict is: if you strike it - the two batches are virtually indistinguishable. But if you don't - they are quite different.

The two spacers on the top mandrel are the new batch - the layered rods.

The two spacers on the bottom mandrel are the older batch. They were made and struck and look pretty darn similar.

The center mandrel - is a cylinder bead - the new batch on the left and the old batch on the right, with dots reversed on the top, so new batch with old dots on the left and old batch with new dots on the right. This bead was made, heated - and cooled without putting it back in the flame. Notice that the colour of the old batch is more muted - doesn't develop as much, more of a peach. And the newer batch stays positively fleshy in colour.

Interesting, eh?

Two paddles - both kiln annealed - new batch on the top.

So - if you want the deep orange with the colour - old batch or new - remember to let it cool and then gently reheat in the flame to allow the rich mandarin orange colour to develop - otherwise - you might have an unripe peach instead.

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