Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Val Cox Frit: Cherry Blossoms

Working notes for this say:

Opaque - Pink, Peach, Lavender and soft green, classic blend. No-fuss - works well on nearly any base except ivory, with or without silver foil.

I tried it first on the three white spacers. Pretty.

BTW - when I make spacer and frit them - I make one, on the left, apply frit, melt in, make the next - make sure it is the hot one, and roll in the frit from the side - so that only that one really gets the frit on it, and melt in. And work my way down, so that I'm not trying to frit up a whole mandrel full at once - which seldom works well. If you try to do them all at once, one or more will get over-heated and get out of round. The key with doing mandrels full of spacers are to only have ONE hot enough to move at a time.

Also, make them close enough to make it easy to keep them all warm. And if you are making a decision about needing to add glass to make the sizes match - wait until they are the same colour/temperature before deciding to add a bit more glass. You can't judge the size accurately when one is glowing.

Anyhoo - This one is a clear base, rolled in frit and melted in, and then rolled in frit and melted in for a good thick layer of frit. Then encased in clear, and black ends added.

It turned out rather less dramatic than I hoped for (too much frit - not enough contrast) - it would make a nice background for florals, I think. I'm going to have to try this one on a dark background - as it is opaques - that should work.

I can't say how much I really appreciate that the notes that come with these say whether the frit is transparent or opaque or both. That really helps when it comes to making decisions about what to put it on for a base. I appreciate that the blends are proprietary, but it is sooooo nice to be able to use these successfully the first time out!

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