Monday, September 14, 2009

Bullseye 1717 Copper Green Lustre - or Oops I did it again

Ha - this is what I get for not checking a colour chart first. This would be another Goddess Oops. I should call this blog "Making Mistakes So That You Don't Have To."

This was another foray into using Bullseye for sculptural forms - for it's quality of being stiffer. The glass is Copper Green Lustre - and I know what the lustres do. The rod was a dark, transparent green. What I didn't expect was that it was going to go opaque. You'd have think that the name "Copper Green" might have clued me in!

Now the colour is not actually unattractive - if you think of it as, say, a Verdigris Copper, or a Sage. The bronze lustre that it can develop is very nice. (Rightmost bead on the mandrel of spacers - first photo.)

However, when I pulled this voluptuous testament to fertility out of the kiln - my first thought was "Green Army Goddess." Khaki. The Elder Goddess as envisioned by Lovecraft.

Not really what I had in mind. And most of the reduction unreduced in the kiln - leaving just hints of it.


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