Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Effetre 706 - Pinkie Winkie

New colour from Effetre - actually - one of a series of new "streaky" colours. Very exciting! This is Pinkie Winkie - and my understanding is that it is a rose pink layered over periwinkle. Looking at the end of the rod - you can, in fact, see layers - although not as bright a blue as you would expect from a periwinkle core.

As such - I was expecting big swirls of pink and blue - but the end result is more subtle than that.

In fact - with these little wound spacers - they pretty much just show as pink - not much blue at all.

This larger basic bead - 19 mm diameter - shows a lot more streakiness.

Now this bead shows a lot more streakiness - and a hint of another colour - which is actually a contaminant. When I got to this point - I started having troubles with shocking - and the gather kept popping of the end - and at one point - picked up a piece of glass from the bench.

But the pink and blue are definitely there.

So, in the spirit of pink - I tried a heart. At no point while working this glass could I see any semblance of the blue - all that emerged when I took the beads out of the kiln.

This heart turned out rather nice - I'm not a heart person - but this one is quite likeable.

This is a really pretty pink - with a blush of blue to it. Some of the rods - the thicker ones - are VERY shocky - so much so - that I suggest tossing them all in the kiln and pre-annealing them.

Because the blue is in the core - I think that to get the blue to show the most - you need to heat the glass a lot and get it molten and moving and mess it about, mashing and whatever. If you just wind off neat little spacers - you may miss the best part!

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