Sunday, September 20, 2009

Effetre Lace Agate

Lace Agate - Woohoo! Look - right there in my notes! Woohoo! FAB.U.LUST

Oh, if you like streaky or ivory with lots of texture, or river rock - then the odds are - you will love this glass. I personally have ordered 5 pounds of it - but don't come whining to me when your measly quarter pound runs out - because I'm keeping it all. It's mine I tell you, mine, mine, mine!

Streaky, variegated rods, produce ...

fabulous, streaky, variegated beads! Lookit that bead! That is just the one glass - nothing extra added!

Oh, I am so excited about this one!

This is a brown and cream - with varying shades of brown, from a red brown to a grey brown.

And here are some spacers.

Totally Awesome. I had to restrain myself - I was just happy to wind off spacers. I love the strong contrast in the colours. I could really wish for more glass like this - with the dramatic streakiness.


  1. Hey, first, love the blog. I look every day for updates!

    Second, from the pictures, this looks a lot like fossil? Can you tell a difference IRL between the two? Thanks!


  2. I did do fossil a while back. ;-)

    I think that the lace agate is more dramatic - stronger contrast from the light to the dark. If I can find those samples of fossil - I can compare head to head.

  3. Just like Kathy said - that pretty much looks like Fossil medium to me.
    Or - if it's more dramatic, then it would look pretty much like Fossil dark, right?
    I would love to see a side by side comparison with Fossil dk and Fossil medium. Unfortunately I can't find a vendor for Lace Agathe - can you recommend someone?.

  4. Very pretty, bet it would look gorgeous with some twists in it! I'm eyeing up 'sandstone' and 'sediment' - liking the look of them a LOT!

  5. Twists! great idea!

    I'll see if I have some fossil stashed around here someplace.

    In Canada, Nortel Mfg will have it -,

    in the US - Frantz will have it for sure,

  6. Unfortunately Frantz doesn't have it. It was ordered, but the shipment arrived without the Lace Agathe. They're not sure when it's coming.

  7. So I just heard. Guess we'll just have to wait then!