Monday, September 21, 2009

Effetre Misty Blue

Beautiful and mysterious.

The rods are a soft dove grey, some with a hint of mauve.

The first bead I made was so awesome - I was beside myself with glee.

And it looked so promising - that I hit it with a light reduction flame, and it just came up amazing! This third pic has more of the reduction on it.

My second bead was equally amazing - and this time, I did not reduce it.

By now - I was out of the first rod - so I pulled a second rod from the bundle, and, made this tablet bead.

Now, waitaminute - this looks nothing like the first two. I reduced it a little - it went brownish on the ends, but none of the wonderful patterns.

And yet - it IS the same colour as the unworked rods.

hmmm. What happened?

Some spacers -

Same thing. The one on the far left got reduced.

So - what the heck happened. Did I pull the second rod from a different bundle of glass? I don't really think so - but I don't have a better explanation.

Could this glass be so hugely different from one rod to the next?

I don't know. Further testing is required.

You can better your bottom dollar though - that it is the glass that made the first two beads that I will be looking for!!!!

A mystery indeed.

(More experimenting last night. Still can't get that spectacular patterning again.)

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  1. wow! Beautiful! Good luck finding the right thing to make it happen again :)