Friday, September 04, 2009

Val Cox Frit: Enchanted

Enchanted it's called, and Enchanted I am! Wowsers - dramatic and no-brainer easy. Me likee this one.

Working notes say: Opaq/Trans. Vivid tones of violet, pink, aqua, lime green and salmon - easy to use, max impact. Use w silver foil or without, encased or not, pref. on white or clear base.

These two spacers on the right were the dipped gather technique - get a bead sized gather of glass hot, dip in the frit - melt the frit in, and wind off your bead.

Next up - a simple white cylinder, rolled in the frit. Yumm.

Let's try that with black ends, as virtually any cylinder bead looks sharper with black ends!

I did a few twists and there was some smearing from vigorous marvering too. Very nice.

D4mn - I thought to myself - this would look good with EDP ends!
So here we have white base, enchanted frit. Layer of clear. More Enchanted frit, and the ends built up with EDP (Effetre 254 Purple or Orchid - commonly known as EDP - Evil Devitrifying Purple, or Evil Purple - for it's habit of losing it's gloss and becoming matte textured).

Four adorable little spacers, frit on white, and lastly, a cone, base is Mosaic Green, rolled in Enchanted, with the top of the bead made with some silver satured dark blue, Sascha's Silver or Nyx - not sure what I grabbed. Looks like a garden with a stormy sky behind.

All this, and I still have a little bit of the frit left over.

I really like this one - I would buy this in larger quantities!


  1. Very nice, looks great with the black and EDP. Yum!

  2. I love how you are trying out and showing us Val's frit. I'm always curious to see a few different applications of the frit before I buy. Thanks for your testing work!