Thursday, September 03, 2009

Val Cox Frit: Gypsy Skirt

From Sample Pack #801 - this is Frit Gypsy Skirt.

The working notes say:

A blend of Opaque and Transparent. Peach, Salmon, pink, aqua and seafoam. When silver foil is introduced, tones become more dramatic as they shift to warmer shades of gold pink.

My first test - the large flat tablet - was a base of white, with a layer of clear - rolled in frit, melted in, and a layer of clear on top, and mashed.

This second pic is clear, heated into a gather, dipped into the frit - which is melted in, and then wound into a bead.

This is a white base, rolled in silver foil, melted in. Rolled in frit, melted in really hot, cooled, and encased in clear. Mashed, and stringer added.

This is my fave of the lot - white base, silver foil, melted in, rolled in frit and melted smooth.
Nice organic look.

The pinks of the first bead don't actually do a whole lot for me - not sure why - maybe it needed swirling and some whirlpools. But I like this last bead.

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  1. Love the clear beads and the bottom organic one. Great reactions. ♥