Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lauscha Premium Clear

A new batch of Lauscha Clear - Premium Clear. Not entirely sure what that means - as Lauscha clear is pretty gosh darn nice to begin with.

I only had a 4 inch piece to try - which means - I got one bead out of it. ;-) But it seemed really nice. The cut end of the rod did scum up when I put it in the flame - plucked that off - and when I used the entire piece - the other end, also cut, also scummed, and I pulled that off too.

I put it over dichro, because, well - that's what I do.

In general - I LOVE working with Lauscha clear. I love that it is stiff and stays where you put it. I love that it is so clear and brilliant.

There is some resistance to using Lauscha clear by some - as there was a batch of it a few years back that pushed the envelope of compatibility just a little too far and some people were getting cracking. I also got some of that batch and I have to admit - it put me off for a while too. But it is soooo nice.

Rule of thumb - Your kiln should be a little hotter - turn it up to 972 F, and put your bead in still glowing hot. If you had bad luck with Lauscha clear in the past - maybe it's time to try it again?

Oh - and the bubbles in this - my fault - not the glass'. ;-)

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