Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fritastic - Val Cox Frit Sample Packs

Well - don't these look like fun?

I'm not generally a "frit" person - but after reading Val Cox's book on frit ... OooooKay - I just went looking for the blog posting with my review of this and I cannot find it. (Insert theme from the Twilight Zone here). I swear - I'm sure I wrote a review of this book. Too weird. Her book is good - worth reading.

Anyhow - these beautifully packaged sample kits look like a lot of experimental fun without a lot of commitment.

You get 8 different frits - with her trademark Cool Names and excellent labels. And what I really appreciate is, there is a detailed insert with instructions on how to use frit (and how not to!), why it works with different COEs, and best of all, on the back, a brief description of each one and what to expect. There are so many possibilities with these - it is nice to have some idea of what to expect!

You get about a spoonful of each frit - so enough to make a few beads and have some idea of whether it is a "keeper."

I'll keep you posted as I try them out!

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  1. Oh nice! I wish her jars had the same instructions or expectation setting as the sample packs. I have dozens of her jars, but find myself hunting down some blends on her site for reminders.