Sunday, September 13, 2009

Effetre 703 Mud Slide

Well - this is another veddy interesting colour. Mud Slide appears to strike, in a very controllable way, and does not kiln strike - allowing for gobs of control.

On the right (or the centre bead from the first pic) you see a pale, slightly pinkish- brown bead. This went into the kiln without any reheating or striking, and retained it's pale colour.

This warm brown bead, on the left, was struck with a reducing flame, and has gone a much warmer, hot chocolate sort of colour.

These last two photos are two different sides of the same bead, and show that you can selectively strike one side of the bead and leave the other side unaffected.

The bead struck with the reduction flame struck much faster, btw.

This colour looks very interesting for sculptural applications. Hmmmm.

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