Friday, September 29, 2017

Dichro on Color Glass - from Riley Designs

Once upon a time, I got my hands on some dichroic glass that was on coloured glass, instead of just clear or black. I loved it, but sadly - soon it was all gone.

But now - Riley Dichro has made some  - and it is gorgeous! 

 Now, some people have said to me - what is the point? You can just make a bead in whatever colour and then put the dichro on clear on top. Well - yes - but it doesn't look the same. For one thing, there is a layer of clear in between. Or you put the colour on top, but that changes the dichro. Or you flip the dichro over, but that gives you a clear on the outside. It means bigger, more layers, less intensity. And completely eliminates some shapes because of having to build the layers and the encasing.

Oh, just try it and see what I mean.

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