Sunday, October 08, 2017

CiM 463 Siren

The Siren call of the sea, or the Sirens of the Sea. This is a sea-green. It is supposed to be a re-make of CiM Aloe Juice (422) - but as I have no reliably labeled Aloe Juice, I can't speak to that. Other testers do report that it is a dead ringer though.

However, like Aloe Juice, I did have problems with it boiling and scumming a little. I tried working it cooler and slower, and it helped a little.

 You can see from this close-up - quite a lot of bubbling at the edges.

Whether you can use this to your advantage in your designs, i.e. a trail of bubbles from a fish in an aquarium bead, or if it will just make you crazy - that is up to you.

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