Wednesday, October 18, 2017

CiM 460 Turtle Power

Sadly - my sample of Turtle Power (Heroes on the Halfshell) was less than heroic. In fact, it shocked like a turtle dropped on its shell, quietly blowing off an inch at a time. It was a challenge to make anything.

It's possible that the entire batch is not all like this - in fact - other testers had no problem at all - and say it is a dead ringer for Split Pea.

However, if you are having shocking problems, I would suggest you treat it like Celadon*, and put the rods in the kiln to pre-heat. I usually put three rods in the kiln at a time, with about a third of the rod sticking out of the door. I pick them up in a rod holder, wipe the kiln dust off with a folded paper towel, and use them from there.

My verdict is - "Splinter" has too much influence on this Turtle Power. ;-)

*Also good for EDP - if you have any.

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