Saturday, September 09, 2017

CiM 926 Bone

Is CiM Bone the holy grail of non-reactive cream colours. Well - maybe, but there's a catch.

On close examination - this bead is CiM Bone on the outer two segments, and Effetre Light Ivory on the middle segment, with dots of Effetre Turquoise, and a dot of the base colour (Bone or Ivory) on top. Certainly - they is little in the way of classic sulfur/copper reaction. However, and this is a big however - it is quite difficult to stop this glass from smoking up.
From another angle - the middle section shows a warmish yellow tone, and strong reaction - but the outer sections show no reaction, but a random sooty appearance. 

Of these two in CiM Bone, the top one was deliberately reduced, making a warmer, more antiqued looking piece.
 And from this angle too - the lower piece, worked carefully with a lot of oxygen in the flame (just a little scorch at the base) is a very neutral colour - and the top piece, deliberately reduced - is warmer and more variable.

This glass will open doors for those looking for a non-reactive neutral cream color, I think, but will challenge a lot of people with it's tendency to change colour in a less than fully oxygenated flame. Some folks gonna love it - some gonna hate it.

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