Tuesday, September 19, 2017

CiM 825 Spooky

CiM Spooky was  - according to the folks at Creation is Messy - an attempt to make an Amber Opal. They were disappointed to have the batch come out white, like Cirrus. According to the other testers - it is a lovely white.

However, what I got was ... well - more like an Amber Opal.

I started with two beads - self-coloured spacers, and I was working hot - on the big torch (Mid-range). Right away, I noticed streaks and trails of colour - but at that temperature, I wasn't sure what was going on, or if I had just burned the glass.

I switched to the Mega, and made my wave on a wire. It showed zero signs of streaks or color, and went into the kiln almost water clear. It was lovely. 

For comparison, I did a mermaid tail on wire in Cirrus - on the right in the photo above. 

Same glass - on a grey background to show it off better - Spooky on the left, Cirrus on the right.

I'm thinking it struck in the kiln. The leading edge of the wave always gets more heat, and there is more colour concentrated there, but there was no hint of colour when I kilned it. Maybe I just worked hotter than the other testers, and possibly my kiln runs hotter (maybe that's why I keep losing the metallic reduction on glasses like Thallo and Keto in my kiln?)

So - the Amber is in there - you just have to figure out how to coax it out of there.

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